Why are people being envious?

Envy. Wait, wasn’t that one of those 7 deadly sins? Looks like that.
Every time I am living somewhere abroad, there are quite a lot of people texting me and saying: “WOW, how lucky you are!”, “I wish I were there, too”.

Meaning of life

Hello everyone! Have you ever thought about why we [people] live on this planet? No, seriously: we are born, and then we spend all our lives trying to learn something, develop our minds and bodies, fight for love, make a fortune, prove to the world why we are cool and worthy of existence, <…> andContinue reading “Meaning of life”

Kick off

Hey there, I’ve been thinking of how a perfect blog post should look like, until I understood right now – there’s no such thing as a perfect blog post! We people tend to postpone tons of plans just because we guess we are not ready, yet. That was my fav excuse as well, to beContinue reading “Kick off”

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