breaking a 3-month-rule and feeling a criminal

I am breaking some important rule. I am the most disobedient person in the world. Maybe, I will even go to prison. For the horrible crime. The one I’ve just created in my head.

Disclosure: it’s been created 3 months ago (when the pandemic started), and my parents took part in it. Truly, it is logical and safe to keep away from people, wear a face mask and stay at home whenever possible. But I went further. I decided it would not be healthy to order food, or buy things other than the ones we REALLY needed. Because – you know – the virus is everywhere!

Kidding. It’s just become comfortable to stay at home, and it feels really weird to be exposed to the world πŸ˜€

But here I am! Walking from the dentist (my special “love” to dentists deserve another post), feeling twice more stressed out (because of the anesthesia, and being so far away from home for the 1st time since March).

here is the criminal πŸ˜€

In a little while I start feeling better, and (finally!) get to notice fresh air, people around me, that cute dog wagging its tail, and… McDonald’s, right!

Life suddenly becomes less painful, even with the vivid memory of the dentist torturing me. Fresh air helps! (Or was it coffee?)

I guess, on Wednesday I’m going to commit my crime again. Unless I put myseld into an imaginary prison πŸ˜‰

BTW, what do you think about solid colors masks? I ordered some books online (yes, yes, I still do it), and the bookstore sent me a couple of face masks as a gift, so I chose a red one and a black one.

Isn’t that funny that now we get face masks as a gift instead of, let’s say, a little notebook, or a pen? Crazy time…
Stay safe!


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