Meaning of life

Hello everyone!

Have you ever thought about why we [people] live on this planet?

No, seriously: we are born, and then we spend all our lives trying to learn something, develop our minds and bodies, fight for love, make a fortune, prove to the world why we are cool and worthy of existence, <…> and bah! good bye, thanks, next! Isn’t this the highest level of suffering – knowing how much you’ve reached, and not being able to continue a little longer?

I mean I get it – same people can’t live forever, world needs a change, and there would be too many of us if no one ever died. Plus, the “surprise” is that we don’t actually know when we’ll end our existence, and this fact should teach us how to appreciate every day of life (it doesn’t, though, or not always) since it might be the last one. So, yeah. The life circle is a pretty smart system.

I still wish humans were given a little more time on that beautiful planet. Like, around 200-300 years? What would you do with yours?

They say we only value what’s not forever. I promise I’d appreciate my couple of hundred years!



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